Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sponsor a lemur, kid, or wildcard. And you don't even have to get a cestode.

Madagascar is hurty for me. It tries to kill me (ironically, see Survival for examples), like a lot (also see any of the Car ride from H-E-double-hockey-stick posts), and breaks my heart (missing Kitty LaFleur, the incomprehensible cruelty of a world where people suffer for no good reason, and say like, dead lemurs, just for extra depressive points). Every time. Sniff. And yet, I go back. And am going back in a week. Because Madagascar is beautiful, and unique, and deserving. And now that I have all this experience and knowledge about the plants, animals and people of Madagascar, I have the ability to do some good. And thus, I must. Oh, and I have a soft spot for lemurs.

Just wander around the forest blubbering like an idiot. 

Mystery mean leg blisters. The green was my sharpie marker. FYI

Enjoying a little Dengue Fever. In 120 degree heat.
And more bugs than I care to remember. 

And lucky YOU! You can help from the comfort of your living room, just by sending me a few bucks. Like the price of a latte. And then you can feel totally smug because of your sacrifice and humanitarianism. And your lack of tropical parasites. Or cestodes in general. 

Here are my pitches:

1.      Sponsor a lemur
This one is easy. My first stop in Madagascar is the Association Reniala, a rescue center which is taking in ring-tailed lemurs that were confiscated by police as part of the illegal pet or bushmeat trades. You can read more about Reniala and the plight of the ring-tailed lemur here, but this is the first and only place in Madagascar for ring-tailed lemurs and they are doing a bang up job. The efforts of Reniala are near and dear to me, because, of course I love ring-tailed lemurs, but also because in 2011 I was bestowed with a pet lemur (named Sid, pronounced “Seed”) whom I failed gravely. Poor Sid paid, and I owe him this. Sniff. You can read about him in Sid, the sweet lemur and Sid, the sweet lemur part 2

It takes $5 per day (or $150 per month) for Reniala to feed 25 lemurs. Of course they have many other expenses, but food is the most immediate. OMG and look, sometimes these poor bastards have accidents and need emergency transportation and wee little casts

Photo Association Reniala.

So, send $5 or $150 or $10000. Your call J

In return, I will report updates from Reniala, including many fun videos/photos from my stay.

2.      Sponsor a kid
Alright, don’t love lemurs? Well, you’re a sucker, but I (sort of) get it. Some people love kids, and even I have a soft spot now and then. Especially for kids that want an education, but do not have the opportunity to get one.

So, I’d like to sponsor 10 kids for a year, by paying their school fees (~$50 all in) and then tossing in the graduation bonus of a goat (~$50, depending on size). For reals.

Baby goat or "ossa" in Efotse.

Southern Madagascar is extremely poor. Like people starve. And there are literal plagues of locusts. And you get Dengue Fever on the weekends. For kicks. So kids don’t always get to go to school. Other than the starving, locusts, and deadly tropical disease, why aren't these kids getting a decent education? The major obstacles are a) school fees, and b) opportunity cost, meaning they need to work to help their families survive.

Efotse. The village I am working in. Its next to the
Tsimanampetsotsa National Park.

But, like everywhere else, people with educations and skills (like literacy) make more money and have better prospects when compared to those who don’t. Paying the fees will enable kids who simply can’t afford it to go to school to do so. And the prospect of a goat (a form of currency in these parts) will at least negate some of the lost working time to their families. FYI there aren’t banks here. Livestock are the main currency.  Also for comparative purposes, if a child were to care for a gaggle of someone else’s goats for 2 years, they would get one goat to keep for themselves.

I promise I am not pro-child labor. But these hard working kids
were transporting supplies for me after I was stuck in a cyclone
for 5 days. I'd rather they were in school!

And lucky you, because this is JUST like one of those ‘80s adds where you get to know your very own sponsoree (I think I made that word up) kid. Sponsor a kid and I will tell you all about them and then get them to document highlights of their school year, which I will then pass on to you. And then next year, graduation pending, I will buy them their well-earned bovid. Cool, right?

Ah, look. Don't you want to help a little ragg-a-muffin?

3.      Sponsor a wild card
Ok, this sounds a bit sketchy, but here is what I want to do: loan 10 people $100 bucks each for a year, with the instructions of a) bettering their lives, b) bettering their environment, and c) paying it forward.   

Did I mention that Madagascar (especially southern) is really poor? Well, it is. And there isn’t a lot of wiggle room for innovation or furthering your family’s lot in life when you are working non-stop and actively dying of a communicable disease, as many are. And since there are no banks, there are very few loans. People often try to build up small stockpiles of commodities such as oil, sugar or coffee, so that if their crops/food supplies fail they can sell these to buy other foods. But many can’t even attain these levels of food security.

Tana, the capital city of Madagascar.
A rural charcoal producing town in southern Madagascar.

So, I would like to ask people in Efotse to propose how they would use and repay this $100 windfall and then fund the best 10 ideas. I will help, to the best of my ability, get their entrepreneurial projects rolling and set up plans for success.

And once again, lucky you will get to hear all about it. Who knows, this could be amazing?!

Alright, that’s my plea. Sponsor a lemur. Sponsor a kid. Sponsor a wildcard. And look forward to hearing all about it.

Please send ANY amount, through PayPal to my email address ( All donations are going to Lemur Love, Inc. and US registered 501(c). If you are in the US, I can issue you a tax deductible receipt.

Do it. RIGHT NOW. 

Many thanks! Misotra besika! Danke! Merci beaucoup! Gracius! 


  1. You are truly an amazing person!!! I feel great knowing that I knew you while growing up! I don't have PayPal but I could email transfer it to you can you make that work?
    Email me back what I can do..

    Thanks Melissa Atkins

  2. Wow, Marni. Your blog is not only entertaining and funny to read, it is passionate, educational, and inspiring. I don't know what or who I'd want to sponsor first. I'll just send you a donation and let your organization decide. --David (