Thursday, May 15, 2014

Skip a latte, save a lemur!

You guys are great. In the last five days I've collected nearly $1500 (for the Reniala lemur center and to pay the school fees of some deserving kids, as requested) and more veterinary supplies than I can feasibly transport. But, the lemurs need more. And here is my pitch de jour: skip a latte, save a lemur!

I'm going to entice you with some of the Reniala lemur's individual details (thanks to Bastien Rolland and Lea Giraud for posting these). So, read on. And then, how about skipping your literal or figurative latte today, and sending the difference to a lemur? Fabulous idea, right?!

Here are some interesting deets about a few of  Reniala gang.

"Almandine, the daredevil". Poor little Almandine broke her leg a few weeks ago and had to be rushed to the city for x-rays and to get a wee cast.

"Bertrand, the rascal". Bert was born at the center and is very adventurous.

"Chouchou, the nervous". Awe. Chouchou was seize by police and ranks dead last in the group heirarchy. He's nervous and would definitely be the one loser male that had his tail frozen off. He was kept as a pet and doesn't know how to eat natural foods.

"Erwan, the reject" (OMG!). Poor Erwan, who is Almandine's dad, was rejected by the main group and lives with LouLou. Despite his reject status, Erwan is calm.

"Fripo" used to belong to a priest and was aggressive when he arrived.

"Laurence, the matriarch". Laurence is the dominant female and apparently has something 'atypical' with her jaw. She came from Ankenta.

"Lemar". Awe, breaks my heart. Lemar was only just brought in from Ifaty, by someone from the Reef Doctor. She has to be housed alone and exhibits stereotypical captive behaviors, which aren't good.

"Loulou" lives with Erwan (the reject) and has HUGE canines.

"Manou" was brought in as a baby and is very active!

"Mini" is the tiniest adult male, at 1.7 kg. He was brought in from Ankifaly and also exhibits stereotypical behaviors.

"Morine" is second in charge, despite having 1/2 a tail. She lived at a hotel before coming to Reniala.

"Simon" came from Toliara and was very fearful when he arrived at Reniala. He has abnormal gait and his tail is bent in half. You know there is a not so pleasant story there...

"Twenty" lives with Chouchou and is nervous and aggressive. He doesn't know how to eat lemur foods and thus was captured as a baby.

And there are many more. Can you imagine? You can find all their details (in French) on Reniala's webpage.

So, do me and lemurs a solid. Skip your latte and send us a few bucks. Either directly to Reniala (paypal ID NGOs Reniala) or through me (paypal to Many, many thank yous.

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