Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 from my phone

Ah, good 'ole Blog LaFleur. Haven't see you in a while. I've been busy, and unmotivated, and now come to think of it, kinda depressed. 2014 was tough- general malaise, energy-less continent hopping, losing my dear sweet Kitty. But, there were good times too. And I've got the phone pics to prove it!

January. Fish and beer on Saturday(s). Kitty. Stripy octopus crochet.

February. Torrey Pines State Park. Kitty. Expensive gas!

March. Kitty. 37. Proboscis monkey in my purse-wait! That was April. Oh well. Santa Monica, view from the Fairmont. 

April, part 1. Calgary, Vienna, lettuce in my suitcase (Ron!). 

April, part 2. New shoes in Victoria, Kitty, sign in a
Vienna pub that says 'Sorry, no WIFI. Talk to
each other and get drunk'.

May. Vienna. Asparagus, cheese (mmm), coffee, someone else's little doggie,
and some lovely flowers. 

June. Statue with some powerful buns, my favorite Viennese
triangle carrot bread, Hotel Serena and neighboring slum (Madagascar)
and a lovely fruit salad at Le Gardin (M'car). 

July, part 1. Home coming, Lombard Street in SF, and malaria the toys. 

July, part 2. San Francisco China town, Rugged Point CA, Kittles,
escargot in Carmel-by-the-sea,
and a whole olallie berry pie from Cambria CA.  

August. Vietnam. Gary, keeping the sun off his face in DaNang,
Hanoi from my room, and a toilet that I have absolutely no recollection of,
 know why I took the photo, or where I was at the time. 

September. My very last picture of Kitty. Goodnight, sweet girl. And a getaway night at the Fairmont in Santa Monica. 

October. UCSD, James Franco an d Donkey join our fam. 

November. Grading exams (students like George Clooney, the lemur),
James Franco and Donkey getting friendlier, and an amoeba. 

December. Fish taco at Bull Taco, students protesting 'Black Lives Matter',
and the strange little house on the building at UCSD. 

And that is 2014 on my phone. Looking forward to 2015 and all that is has to offer.

Much love, peace and happiness to you and yours!


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