Saturday, September 7, 2013

I must be in... Toliara!

Electricity, toilets, internet, and cow cars full of cow? 

Well, you don't see that everyday. Unless you are in Toliara.

I must be back in Toliara! And wow, is a cold beer ever amazing after three weeks of tea temperature, salty, hollow-tasting pond water. Not to mention the >40°C daily forest temperatures. But I miss the forest and the animals already. Tsimanampetsotsa (the forest where I follow lemurs around) and it's flora and fauna certainly hold a piece of my heart.

The dry forest of Tsimanampetsotsa.

I was so pleased to see many familiar fuzzy faces. Pinkie, 5 Head, Momma, Chubbers, Short tail Bert, Short tail Bert 2 (creative, I know), Snoze, Hoppy, LJ, & the very handsome George Clooney. A few are noticeably absent, but I like to think they just moved to other groups.

I love this pic and think it qualifies as an awkward (lemur) family photo. 

Great to also see The Little Bastards. They are mischievous as ever and will get their own post in time.

Ah, Galidictis. What a little bastard. 

Part of my agenda on this trip was to see if it was possible to collect lemur pee, and it is! So, if my current funding proposals get approved, I will be back for more pee in the near future. How exciting. Right? See for yourself:

Alright, I am off to drink something cold and eat something sweet. More soon...

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