Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We made it home after a long-ish drive, and stopping in south-central LA for my skeleton. The poor dude is a bit worse for wear, with broken teeth and ribs (post-mortem), and a titch of vertebral arthritis (pre-mortem, obviously). Don't worry, I am going to fix him up, and pay him the respect he is due.

First order of business is to name him, but what what what should his name be?? Here is a bit more info... He was likely between 30 and 40 years old when he died, and was likely from India. He was tall (6'ish would be my guess), yet slender. He has some unusual wear on his canines, congenital absence of maxillary third molars, and lost one mandibular M3 (a few years before dying). He has an enormous xiphoid process with a complete foramen.

Now that you have a better idea of him, any ideas for a name???

On another note, Ron and I tried a new restaurant in Santa Monica today- Huckleberry- and it was fantastic. I had a green bean salad, and a beet salad for lunch, and then took a salted caramel for dessert. Ron had the Niman Ranch BLTA with salad. Definitely go there. They make everything in-house and don't use factory meats. They didn't even yell at me when I covertly snapped a couple pics.

Here is my lunch:

And Ron's:

Check out the chocolate dip donut. It is dipped on BOTH sides. This is some pioneering donutry. The wave of the future, my friends. Wave of the future.

And some other deliciousness.

I sure am glad carbs are back.

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