Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not Malaria

Well, I am still in Toliara. I haven't been able to do much other than sleep for the last few days. I really had very little to accomplish in town, but its difficult to get that very little amount down when you sleep all day and all night. I did however, manage to finally see a doctor. She looked at me with a somewhat shocked expression and said "You are very tired." Yes, I am very tired. Anyhow, they have these nifty little Malaria tests which look and function just like a pregnancy test. I am Malaria free! I have to go back in the am to get blood work done, and I am debating whether I should wait around for the results or just hit the road. I NEED TO GET BACK TO MY LEMURS!

A few of the Maki at TNP have large and unusual bumps on their noses. I have no idea why but find it quite endearing.

Here is a profile shot of Pinky:

And the Patient:

And the aptly named, Shnoze:

And just for fun, here is Tumor (he has some sort of growth on his upper left lip):

Time for a nap...

Oh yes, and cyclone Bingiza is headed my way. Neat.


  1. Good to hear that it's NOT malaria! What a miracle with all those mosquito bites!
    Your diagnosis by the doctor seems spot on: I expect you are dehydrated and nearly physically spent, field work is sooooo tough in every possible way. Will it at least be less hot now that it's mid-Feb.? Probably not.
    I have seen the nose bumps on catta at other sites as well, maybe sinuses?? Poor Tumor looks like he's had a stroke.
    You won't be back home in time for the AAPA meetings, which is unfortunate, as it would be so fun to see you and hear more stories.
    Soldier on!


  2. They even have those malaria snap tests in Betioky! I got all excited about it because I hadn't known about them before and the doc (who was testing my student) just looked at me kind of scornfully and said, "They are made in the USA." And indeed, they were.

  3. When lemurs in the zoo (or at Duke) got those bumps, it was always a dental issue. I can't wait to see more pictures, I really miss lemurs!

  4. Poor lemurs probably have huge abscesses causing those bumps. Anyone know a lemur dentist?

    I won't be at the AAPAs this year, but will catch you all up in 2012. We can chat over VooDoo doughnuts!

    I will try to get lemur pics/videos up soon!